Nov 21st

What a Relief - World Toilet Day

Written by  Justin Thomas - Media Consultant
What a Relief - World Toilet Day

Sanitation is a world we use every day in our line of business.  We use it to purvey clean, hygienic, convenient, managed and readily available.  Each year, however, 4.2 billion people worldwide use the word “sanitation” as a hopeful expression.  Nearly 670 million of those defecate in the open.  If we can imagine 50% of those are female, you can see that we are now adding risk of assault into the health issues.  With diarrhoea, polio and cholera rife in areas of poor sanitation it is the children that suffer most.

In my personal life I have had the joy of seeing huge swathes of this planet but can think of many occasions where I faced this sight.  On the street in Chennai, into a flood drain by the road in Mandalay (Burma/Myanmar), by the river in Denpasar (Bali), on beaches throughout India and many more locations.  Every time I witnessed this we were in areas where people with extraordinary amounts of money are thriving whilst these people are being denied a basic right to survival through decency, hygiene and health.

World Toilet Day is here to help change that.  Since the beginning of 2018, the IWSA has been supporting the charity Toilet Twinning, whose aim it is to “flush way poverty, one toilet at a time”. The charity has come up with a novel way to raise funds and also highlight its work by encouraging people to twin their loo with one in the communities they work with. Their projects focus on working with poor communities in developing countries, giving families access to clean water and educating them on the importance of good hygiene.

Let’s use this opportunity to take a moment and reflect on something we all take for granted and with Christmas just around the corner, maybe you could consider twinning a toilet or two? For more information, visit to make a difference.

Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

Justin Thomas has been involved with Zenith Washroom Solutions (formerly ABC hygiene) since 2009. At first providing ABC hygiene's 2nd web solution then guiding Zenith Washrooms' online presence. This exploits the latest technologies whilst focusing on user experience improvements from the core.

During the past decade Justin has learned a huge amount about the hygiene industry through this work. Now Justin is a contracted media consultant to Zenith Washrooms. This provides a full range of online marketing solutions to Zenith Washrooms. This provides Zenith Washrooms to focus on providing a leading hygiene services solution for their customers.

Justin provides online media presence for a number of small technical businesses based in the UK. Justin lives with his wife and daughter enjoying a wide range of activities. Core being motorcycle maintenance, cooking, music and being a tech geek.

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