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Zenith Washroom Solutions aim to provide the most competitive possible rates for our customers. All our solutions are the best fit for our customers' needs and represent quality, efficiency and simplicity. Providing your users with the best solution for their washroom needs whilst ensuring your business sees strong returns on your hygiene investments.

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With many decades of experience providing washroom service solutions into a wide range of industries allows us to provide an efficient and reliable service. Every customer has unique needs however our industry focus provides a useful guide to help shape your initial enquiry. For Zenith Washroom Solutions it is all about empowering our clients with our knowledge.

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Our confidence in our products, support technology, staff and our washroom solutions experience provides our customers with relevant and cost-effective solutions in a friendly and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on our reliability and flexibility in providing the best solutions for your hygiene needs.

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All our products have been selected for our customers with efficiency, reliability, forward thinking and durability as our focus. This ensures that our solutions work hard for our customers to provide a continual, cost-effective, high-quality and future-proofed hygiene solution. Coupled with our friendly service options Zenith Washroom Solutions is ready to serve your business today.

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Zenith Washroom Solutions is always ready to hear from our visitors and have a number of methods for you to communicate with us. The button below this text will take you to our full contact form or you can use the "chat" tool on the bottom right. We look forward to providing your business with our reliable, flexible, efficient and friendly washroom services.

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Education Environments

Education Environments

Safe and secure washroom service

The Zenith Washroom Solutions team are aware of the need for you to ensure the safety and security of your students and staff at all times. As such, all of our service staff have enhanced DBS checks and are fully trained. This enables us to offer a safe and secure professional washroom service, and with flexible service times available we can fit our services to your needs.

With access to a range of products and services, such as water management units and low energy hand dryers, we are constantly striving not only to become more cost effective but environmentally friendly too.

Be assured that with our automated service reporting system and dedicated account managers, you are promised a thorough and high quality service at all times.

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    • Benefit from our fully trained and DBS checked service technicians
    • Our flexible servicing schedules to ensure minimal impact at peak times
    • Increasing your value to the environment with our carefully considered technologies
    • High quality solutions supported by innovative implementation and management
  • Inaccessible Access
    Dec 12th
    Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant
    Inaccessible Access

    Ah, that innocuous sign. Something we see almost every day of our lives but, for many, one that doesn't have a lot of meaning. Indeed even in facilities management it can be hard to get this washroom solution right. What are the issues? Why is it so hard to provide a decent accessible solution? What can we do better?

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