Toilet Seat Sanitisation

Toilet Seat Sanitisation

Help your users take full advantage of your facilities with confidence with our range of anti-bacterial and fungicidal self administered cleaning options.

Everybody likes to use a clean toilet. Zenith Washroom Solutions believe is a vital aspect of hygiene services to deliver a viable, hygienic, solution for cleaning toilet seats. We offer 2 solutions, in our washroom supplies range, to allow your customers to use clean facilities every time. Both our solutions allow for single use by each user which can be disposed of, safely, in the toilet bowl with their flush. Your customers will no longer have to wonder how to clean the toilet seat!

  • Instant, user driven, cleaning solutions
  • Improve your washroom experience
  • Ensure continual hygiene
  • Can be used in other contact situations
  • Non-contact dispensing solutions
  • Stylish and simple
  • Complete hygiene solution for all industries
  • Evolving washroom product ranges constantly reducing customer costs
  • Adaptive, efficient and discrete servicing solutions
  • Friendly, approachable support staff waiting to reduce your washroom services spend

Reduce costs on toilet seat sanitisation now by switching to toilet seat virucidal/bactericidal foam which uses 30% less consumable than liquid systems.


One wipe and perfect toilet seat hygiene. This is what your washroom visitors want. Scintilla seat wipes delivers user confidence.

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