AirSteril WR30

AirSteril WR30

For a more permanent and professional air purification solution the WR30 provides Air Purification into even the most extreme of environments.

Remove offensive odours and infections by controlling the causes of offensive odours infections!  Using the WR30 you can eliminate odours by controlling the bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi in the air.  24/7 staff care as they breathe.  The reduction in infection transmission can show savings as staff need less time off sick and are more effective in their day to day activities giving you a better return on investment whilst you all enjoy the benefits of clean, healthy, odour-free air.

Additional Info

  • Bullet points:
    • Strong construction allows implementation in high impact applications
    • High capacity makes this unit perfect for heavy footfall locations
    • Can be installed in an incredibly versatile number of ways
    • Is able to target odour sources at distance
    • Incredibly versatile air purification solution for all applications
  • Dimensions:
    500mm x 140mm
  • Colour:
  • Service Intervals:

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I have worked with Zenith Washroom Services for the since 2009 and found their service to be personable, reliable and efficient. I would recommend them to companies wanting to experience a personal service that a smaller company can provide, rather than becoming one of many to the larger service providers out there.

Jo Field

Administration Director
Saatchi & Saatchi

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