Metered Air Care Systems

Metered Air Care Systems

81% of washroom patrons feel a fresh-smelling washroom is a sign of a well maintained washroom

Zenith metered aerosol dispensing systems deliver power, performance and complete flexibility. Zenith Washroom Solutions supply a complete commercial air freshener solution for your business. Our range of automatic air fresheners, combined with our customer-focused service plans, allow us to provide your business with the perfect odour eliminating product for your needs. We offer bespoke washroom service plans to ensure that your business always has clean and fresh smelling facilities.

  • Complete range of air freshening options
  • A myriad of scent choices
  • Complete your hygiene experience
  • Make every environment a positive experience
  • Portable or wall mounted options
  • Fully programmable
  • Simple maintenance
  • Odour neutralisation technologies
  • Complete hygiene solution for all industries
  • Evolving washroom product ranges constantly reducing customer costs
  • Adaptive, efficient and discrete servicing solutions
  • Friendly, approachable support staff waiting to reduce your washroom services spend

The Oxy-Gen Pro is our simplest odour control system available featuring rapid implementation, varied scents, low VOCs, and fully recyclable cartridges.


With 22 varied scents, stylish looks, 90% VOC reduction and reliable implementation what is there not to like about the Oxy-Gen Powered Shield solution?


Zenith Air Care Systems are engineered to neutralise odours and include high quality fragrances to eliminate “Unavoidable odours” in commercial washrooms


Constant fragrance from our non-aerosol option providing 30 or 60 days intense natural scent without CFCs, propellants or solvents

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