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Blow by blow - hand dryers

Written by  Justin Thomas - Media Consultant
Blow by blow - hand dryers

As I work in my home office, I know that I can enjoy my own facilities today.  It is a blessed relief (pun intended) for all humans.  We love our territory.  There is, however, one thing that I miss from more professional environments when I am at home.  A hand dryer.  It might seem unimportant but, for me, a hand dryer near to the kitchen would be a useful home improvement.  So, is this a realistic ask?  Therefore, I am writing about our entire hand dryer range today.  Let’s work out what works where and why!

At Zenith Washrooms we are proud to represent Veltia hand dryers.  Veltia are a European brand of hand dryers that exceed all the high standards required of them.  That sentence saves me writing about a bunch of numbers and letters that matter that people are content to note and move on.  What is it we like about Veltia so much?  Well, that’s straightforward.  Diversity and implementation.  We always have the right dryer for every need.  Let’s delve into the more obvious implementations and what options maximise cost & time in diverse environments.

We can start with the most traditional looking dryer in our range.  Looking conventional is where we stop with traditional as the VERDEdri by World Dryer is a well engineered beast.  Our top 3 features for the VERDEdri are a low profile, easy installation and endurance.  This dryer is excellent in almost all environments but excels in accessible washroom solutions because of the limited space taken up by the unit.  In fact, any low space environment will gain from this long-lasting, high impact, dryer.

In a similar vein but with much lower cost we have the Veltia F1 Eco Dryer.  This is the right hands under dryer for the high footfall, high impact environment.  At home in the sports arena, shopping centre, public facility, gym, transport node, in fact any high footfall area where speed, durability and whole life cost are important decisions for implementation.  The Veltia F2 Eco Dryer offers much the same experience but with a horizontal profile.  Together they provide us with 2 options to satisfy the same set of needs.

Before we get to the modern day stalwarts of the hands in dryer options, we can round out our hands under options with 2 versions of the same dryer.  The Veltia F5 Eco Dryer is the baby unit.  If I am to follow through (pun NOT intended!) on my desire to have a hand dryer near to the kitchen, then this would be the perfect option.  Low running costs coupled with tiny footprint, easy installation and customisable heat, noise and fan speed options allow the small office, home office, studio, shop or restaurant owner implement a hand dryer that will enhance their environment having no discernible effect on their bottom line.  Best of all this low noise option has the child friendly Veltia F5 Eco Owl option to support the hand dryers’ most discerning client, the child!  With a cute and approachable owl image on the dryer coupled with the low noise and adjustable speed options have provided us with a lot of success in Early Years Education and family centred washroom environments.

Now we plunge ourselves (and our hands) into the hands in options.  First introduced by the Dyson Airblade option back in 2006 created the new standard now adopted and improved by most hand dryer manufacturers since.  At Zenith Washrooms we have the sleek and innocuous Veltia V7 300.  With 12 colour options, sub 12 second drying time and a long life, high speed, motor we have the perfect option for high footfall environments such as airports, concert venues, train stations & service stations.  For those premium environments that require that significant touch you need not look any further than the Veltia V7 Tri Blade.  With all the best technology options that make the V7 300 such a great installation options the V7 Tri Blade brings corporate customisation options along with colour choices.  Both of our great hands-in dryers work with the superb ZeroSmell Gel packs that neutralise odours and emit a subtle, pleasant, fragrance into the room.  This ensures your users leave with a positive impression from your washroom environment.

Over all you can see that all our options offer considerable savings on traditional hand drying offerings through their superior engineering standards.  With time being of the essence in our current cost-driven world we are positive that all our hand dryers will yield substantial cost benefits to your business.  It only remains for you to contact Zenith Washrooms today and discuss how we can integrate our solutions into your business.

Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

Justin Thomas has been involved with Zenith Washroom Solutions (formerly ABC hygiene) since 2009. At first providing ABC hygiene's 2nd web solution then guiding Zenith Washrooms' online presence. This exploits the latest technologies whilst focusing on user experience improvements from the core.

During the past decade Justin has learned a huge amount about the hygiene industry through this work. Now Justin is a contracted media consultant to Zenith Washrooms. This provides a full range of online marketing solutions to Zenith Washrooms. This provides Zenith Washrooms to focus on providing a leading hygiene services solution for their customers.

Justin provides online media presence for a number of small technical businesses based in the UK. Justin lives with his wife and daughter enjoying a wide range of activities. Core being motorcycle maintenance, cooking, music and being a tech geek.

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