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Changes to the Waste Transfer Regulations

Written by  Oliver Johnson - Director
Changes to the Waste Transfer Regulations

In March of this year it was decided by the Environment agency that there would be changes to the information that is included on the waste transfer notes supplied to companies when their offensive and hazardous waste is removed.

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 introduce two changes to the information that must be included on waste transfer notes.

Although the regulations came into force at the end of March 2011 the extra information on waste transfer notes is not required until 28 September 2011.

The extra information required is:

  • a declaration that the waste producer or holder has considered the waste hierarchy when deciding how to deal with their waste, and
  • the SIC code of the waste producer using SIC 2007 codes (consignment notes for the movement of hazardous waste will still require SIC 2003 codes).

Operators who produce their own waste transfer notes can include this information from now on if they wish to do so.

SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes are used to classify businesses and other organisations according to their activity. As the requirement for a SIC code on waste transfer notes is completely new the latest coding system (SIC 2007) will be used. The SIC code used should be the appropriate code for the transferor, or current holder, of the waste.

The waste hierarchy sets out five broad categories for dealing with waste in the order of their environmental impact. The higher an option is on the hierarchy the more desirable it is as a way of dealing with waste.

From 28 September 2011 waste transfer notes and consignment notes will include a declaration that the holder of the waste has applied the waste hierarchy when deciding what to do with the waste.

Defra are preparing guidance for businesses and public bodies on how to apply the hierarchy on a day to day basis. This is likely to include advice on how to apply the hierarchy to common wastes and information on how to switch to better waste management options.

A draft version of this guidance is available from Defra's website. This document was part of the consultation on the new Waste Regulations which is now closed.

Zenith Washroom Solutions have updated there documentation and will be issuing the new Waste Notes from the 1st of September. For more information on our working practices and risk assessments visit our website or give us a call on 0800 3286452.

Oliver Johnson - Director

Oliver Johnson - Director

Oliver Johnson has been in the washroom industry for over 12 years now, with experience in both sales and service. Oliver sculpted his leadership skills in the Royal Engineers. This provided him with the discipline and application that the army provides. These skills allowed Oliver to move into a successful career in the business world. Oliver moved into the Washroom industry and became the top sales person at Alphasan. Alphasan was sold and changed into a faceless corporation he believed customers deserved a more personal service. With this he started Zenith Washroom Solutions (formerly ABC hygiene). The prime emphasis has always been on Customer Service and quality provision of product. In his spare time Oliver is a committed family man. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and is a Black Belt from the Combat Academy UK.

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