Nov 14th

Blow by blow - hand dryers

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

As I work in my home office, I know that I can enjoy my own facilities today.  It is a blessed relief (pun intended) for all humans.  We love our territory.  There is, however, one thing that I miss from more professional environments when I am at home.  A hand dryer.  It might seem unimportant but, for me, a hand dryer near to the kitchen would be a useful home improvement.  So, is this a realistic ask?  Therefore, I am writing about our entire hand dryer range today.  Let’s work out what works where and why!

Oct 8th

Urinals, where size really does matter

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

The words “urinals” and “size” in the same title have got you thinking.  You would be right in your assumption, but there is so much ground to cover before we get there.  The fact is that the size of the European flushing control systems market will grow to £560 million in 2023 from £500 million in 2016.  Excusing me quoting European figures this close to, yet another, deadline it is easy to see why now is the time to review your urinals.

May 31st

Making Washroom Hygiene Men's Business

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

In February we highlighted the issue of “fat bergs” that clog up our, vital, sewer services. Predominately this is not the our over zealous love of beer and curry but rather a far more discreet issue all together.  Sanitary products.  Nowadays most female facilities have a sanitary bin in each cubicle allowing the safe and private disposal of hygiene products.  Whole businesses have been formed just to support this single function but did you realise that men are flushing an increasing number of sanitary products down the toilet due to a lack of similar facilities being provided for them?

Feb 7th

Downstream Thinking

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

In December 2018 South West Water discovered a 210ft monster fatberg lurking in the sewers in the stunning regency seaside town of Sidmouth. It isn’t something you imagine as you walk about clutching a pasty or an ice-cream debating which direction to walk to burn the calories off. Nonetheless this small British town has, collectively, clogged up their sewer network which, as you might imagine, terminates at the sea wall.

Nov 20th

A Matter of Great Urgency

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

I'm a father. She's 6 now. She wasn't always though. I was a stay at home Dad with an 11 week old baby. My wife was out of the house for 12 hours each day. Yes, it is tough and, as a man, I am missing 2 amazing assets that can provide huge amounts of comfort (to the child, mainly, as my wife tells me) and distraction. Yes, it was tough. This isn't about that. This is about the fun times, the "out and about" times. They were great....mostly. Right up until that glazed expression fell over your gorgeous little girl's face and you knew that you had to start planning your route to the toilets.

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