Nov 20th

A Matter of Great Urgency

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

I'm a father. She's 6 now. She wasn't always though. I was a stay at home Dad with an 11 week old baby. My wife was out of the house for 12 hours each day. Yes, it is tough and, as a man, I am missing 2 amazing assets that can provide huge amounts of comfort (to the child, mainly, as my wife tells me) and distraction. Yes, it was tough. This isn't about that. This is about the fun times, the "out and about" times. They were great....mostly. Right up until that glazed expression fell over your gorgeous little girl's face and you knew that you had to start planning your route to the toilets.

May 19th

Hand dryers now and then

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

As always I like to start these open ramblings about the washroom services industry with a little trip back in time. Truthfully we don't have to go that far back to get right back to the major sea change in the commercial hand dryer industry. From the earliest incarnation, created by AirDry back in 1921, that blew air down onto the hands, but was triggered by foot, through to 1948 when George Clemens did the job that AirDry did not do and pushed the hand dryer into the public consciousness (and also invented the electric toothbrush).

Jan 1st

ABC hygiene joins Zenith Group

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

ABC hygiene has joined Zenith Hygiene Group, the UK’s largest integrated, independent manufacturer, supplier and distributor of cleaning and hygiene chemicals and products, to become Zenith Washroom Solutions. Throughout 2016, Zenith Washroom Solutions focussed on working closely with Zenith Hygiene Group to modernise and streamline processes to incorporate the wider Group’s policies and systems while ensuring the best value and increased service levels for the customer bases of both entities.

Apr 7th

Confessions of a Washroom Services Operative

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

How often have you thought about the life of the man or woman who comes to your business to service your washroom? What is it they get from their job and what are their thoughts on what they see day in/day out? Well, this month we’ve cornered one of the ever moving Zenith Washroom Solutions washroom services operatives to find out a little more about these mythical, ninja-like, people who ghost in and out of your lives silently and discreetly (a touch of poetic licence there!).

Jan 24th

Sanitary Bin Collection - The Big Picture

Written by Justin Thomas - Media Consultant

Roughly 50% of us have little or no involvement in this market yet it is the 2nd largest competed keyword for washroom services businesses. One of our biggest issues in selling sanitary bin service contracts is the lack of understanding regarding the legal obligation for businesses to provide this service.

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  • 50% off Hand Sanitiser
    50% off Hand Sanitiser

    With a subject matter that is so close to home Zenith Washroom Solutions is happy to prove our expertise in making your baby change facility a better place by offering 50% off our hand sanitiser solution for all new Nappy Bin contracts until Feburary 28th 2018

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